Refund Policy

Cancellation and Refund Policy:
If for any reason our services do not meet your needs, let us know within 21 days of your purchase and we will issue you a refund.

Cancellation and Refund YOU shall have twenty-one (21) days from the date of purchase to determine whether the Purchased Services do not meet YOUR needs. If the Purchased Services do not meet YOUR needs, then YOU must notify MULTIplxer in writing within twenty-one (21) days after the Effective Date that YOU wish to terminate the Purchased Services and receive a refund via bank transfer of the corresponding subscription fees paid by YOU, less the cost of any Services provided prior to such cancellation based on MULTIplxer subscription fees in effect at the time of such cancellation. The refund will be processed within ten (10) days of request based on the above terms.